35mm slide projector

35mm slide projectors are available in selected theatres and all projectors take standard carousel trays. The projectors have forward/reverse/focus via a standard wired remote control or a control panel.

Turn On the projector, load the slides into the carousel and uses the control panel or remote control to advance slides.

Setting up

Set the carousel to the zero position

  • Before loading the slides into the carousel tray, check the base plate of the tray is locked at the zero position by turning the carousel upside down and trying to rotate the base plate. When it locks you can start loading the slides.

Loading the slide

  • Slides are loaded into the carousel by simply holding the slide right way round and turning it upside down before inserting it into one of the numbered slots on the carousel tray. Zero position

Load the carousel on to the projector

  • Once the carousel is loaded, place it on top of the slide projector ensuring that the 'zero' position on the carousel lines up directly with the notch on the projector as this is the only position that the carousel can be loaded or removed.

Projector functions

Lamp change lever

  • Slide projectors have two lamps. If one lamp fails during a presentation the spare lamp can be brought into operation quickly by operating the Lamp change lever.

Focus control

  • The focus control is usually located at the front of the lens on a Kodak projector or is a knob situated on the projector just above the lens housing on an Elmo projector.


  • Slide projectors come with various lenses dependant upon what distance is being projected over. Some lenses also have a zoom function which allows a certain variation in picture size.


Training on equipment in rooms can be arranged at any time.

For assistance

Assistance is available by calling 54321 option 1, 1 and ask for AV assistance.