UniSuper consultative committee - professional & academic staff representative

The University has the opportunity to appoint one Academic staff representative and one Professional Staff representative to be Members of the UniSuper Consultative Committee.

Members hold office for a four-year period and are eligible for re-election at the end of their term.

The role of a staff representative (Member) is to advise the Trustee on general matters involving to the application of the Trust Deed and any other topical issues related to the management of the Fund which the Trustee requires advice. A Member is also entitled to nominate directors for election to the Board of the Trustee.

Members will be invited to attend the Unisuper Consultative Committee meeting in Melbourne, generally held in November each year. The primary purpose of the meeting is for Consultative Committee members to vote on proposed changes to the Trust Deed.

It is expected that members of the Committee would consult with their constituents prior to voting on any matters. The Consultative Committee is also an opportunity for UniSuper representatives to present on various topics including: 

  • Investment performance and strategies 
  • The financial position of the Fund, and 
  • New business initiatives being undertaken by UniSuper. 

Current Unisuper Consultative Committee staff representatives:

Professor Robert Bruenig (academic staff representative)

Phone:             52148 (+61 2 6125 2148)

Email:             Robert.bruenig@anu.edu.au

Address:         Crawford School of Public Policy; 2.150 Crawford Extension Building (#132a)

                         ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

                         The Australian National University

                         Canberra  ACT  2600


Ms Rachael Bahl (professional staff representative)

Phone:             54515 (+61 2 6125 4515)

Email:             rachael.bahl@anu.edu.au

Address:         ANU Library, Scholarly Information Services

                         2 McDonald Place

                         The Australian National University

                         Canberra  ACT  2600

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