Changing contributions

How to make contributions


Voluntary contributions

Continuing and fixed term employees may choose to make post and pre-tax voluntary contributions to their superannuation account by completing and signing a 'Voluntary Contribution to UniSuper Request for Payment' form.

These regular payments are made through the University payroll system. Please note, the University does not match voluntary contributions made by staff members.

A total maximum pre-tax amount of 100% of gross salary currently applies. This 100% cap relates to all pre-tax standard member contributions and pre-tax voluntary contributions made by the employee and any other pre-tax deductions.

For further information regarding salary sacrificing refer to Procedure-Salary Sacrificing.

Lump Sum Contributions to UniSuper

Voluntary lump sum contributions to superannuation may be made by using BPay or by writing a cheque made payable to UniSuper Ltd.

For further information regarding Lump sum contributions refer to 'making contributions'.

Rollovers into UniSuper

Members may rollover existing superannuation benefits to other approved super funds. Advantages include consolidated superannuation fund, administration fees will be paid to only one super fund and tracking will be much easier.

For further information regarding combining Super refer to Find my super | Consolidate my super | UniSuper.

Government Co-Contributions

Employees who make after tax contributions to superannuation and earn at least 10% of income from employment as an employee may be eligible for a co-contribution from the government.

For more information refer to the ATO website.

UniSuper contribution flexibility - Staff Services - ANU  

Changing contributions if you’re a Defined Benefit & Accumulation 2 members

Default Member Contributions gives members the ability to choose the level of their default member contribution by selecting a pre-determined rate. This election can be made for both post and pre-tax default member contributions and once elected cannot be reversed or increased.

Reducing member contributions

Reducing member contributions is a significant decision that may affect the amount of money a person will have to live on in retirement. It could also impact on insurance cover. Before entering into this arrangement, you should seek your own independent financial advice. Once a person has chosen to reduce their contributions, they will be unable to increase them. However, additional contributions may be made via voluntary contributions. Default member contributions cannot be re-instated to a defined benefit component.

To change your Default Member Contribution arrangements, staff members need to read and complete the UniSuper Default Member Contributions Fact Sheet and Application form for members receiving 17% employer contributions. This can be found on the UniSuper website in 'Find a form’ - Default Member Contributions form ( ). Once completed, forward it to Remuneration & Conditions Branch, Human Resources Division, Chancelry 10A, for processing

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