Wear it Purple Day 2022

26 August is Wear it Purple Day! The day focuses on celebrating young LGBTIQA+ people and recognising the challenges they experience. This year’s theme is ‘Still me, still human’ – a theme that reminds us not to focus on labels, news stories or data, but to instead think about the people behind them. Find out more about Wear it Purple.

Here are 3 actions you can take this Wear it Purple Day to show your support for LGBTIQA+ young people, including our staff and students, and help create a safe and welcoming University for the LGBTIQA+ community:

  1. Wear something purple.
  2. Sign up for Ally training and become a member of the ANU LGBTIQA+ Ally Network.
  3. Learn about pronouns and why they are important: Pronouns fact sheet.




Image description: Wear it Purple Day 2022 banner. The text ‘Still me, still human’ and ’26.08.22_Wear it Purple Day’ is written in white font on purple background. Next to it, two hands with intertwined fingers, one in shades of brown and the other in the colours of the Progress Pride Flag, are shown. The Wear it Purple logo is shown in the top right corner: The text ‘Wear it Purple’ is in white impact font on a purple background. The logo is styled as a stamp. At the top and bottom, the banner is framed with the colours of the Progress Pride Flag.


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