New parents supervisor checklist

Before the staff member's baby is due, don't forget to...

  • Offer congratulations when advised of a pregnancy. You may ask about whether this is a first child, as expectant parents may need additional support and information. Consult with the staff member on how they would like their pregnancy disclosed to others in the workplace (eg. Supervisors, colleagues) and ensure to respect the staff member’s wishes for confidentiality.
  • Make sure the staff member is aware of the paid and unpaid parental leave and career re-entry assistance entitlements in the ANU Enterprise Agreement
  • Consider whether there are any health and safety risks in the workplace and if necessary arrange for a workplace assessment. Consult with the staff member on any adjustments to the job needed for health and safety reasons (for example exposure to chemicals).
  • Ensure the staff member provides a Medical Certificate showing the expected birth date. Advise the staff member about the requirements and options for working within the last six weeks of the expected due date. It may also be useful to discuss options if the baby arrives early.
  • Talk to the staff member about options for flexible working arrangements either prior to, or following, the birth. Refer to the Flexible work provisions in the Enterprise Agreement.
  • In circumstances where the staff member will be absent on leave for a lengthy period, discuss the best way to maintain contact with them and the types of information they would like to receive. This may include for example, key social events or activities.
  • Discuss with the staff member whether they would like to be kept informed of training opportunities that come up while you are on leave.

After the staff member's baby is born, don't forget to...

  • Stay in touch with the staff member, as agreed, to discuss any key workplace events or changes.
  • Keep a record of the staff member's expected return date and contact them prior to the date to discuss any changes to their return to work plans. Staff members must give at least four weeks’ notice of expected date of return. Refer to the Parental and grandparent leave procedure.
  • Discuss the staff member’s flexible working arrangements on their return to work. Refer to the Flexible work provisions in the Enterprise Agreement for further information regarding the University’s obligations relating to flexible work arrangements.
  • Speak to the staff member about breastfeeding facilities that they may require access to on return to work. Refer to the Supporting breastfeeding mothers.
  • Consider whether the staff member would benefit from a ‘re-induction’ on return to work to introduce any workplace changes that occurred while the staff member was on leave.
  • Contact your local HR team for any questions or issues.
  • Make an appointment with the staff member on their return to work to discuss their Performance and Development Review including any specific development needs.
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