New parents planning checklist

Before your baby is due, don't forget...

  • Whether you decide to tell your supervisor or your HR team about your pregnancy, they are both there to help you work out arrangements for work leading up to the birth, leave and return to work.
  • Provide at least ten weeks’ notice of the date on which you propose to commence leave
  • Contact your local HR team to discuss your eligibility, and options suited to your individual situation.
  • Give your supervisor a Medical Certificate showing expected birth date (required for leave request).
  • Where you are concerned that your work area may be unsafe (for example: exposure to chemicals) ask your supervisor to arrange a workplace assessment.
  • Talk to your supervisor and HR team about maternity and parental leave options so you can plan ahead. Refer to the Parental and grandparent leave procedure.
  • Speak to your supervisor about flexible working arrangements for your return to work, including the option of accessing career re-entry assistance which is provided to facilitate a staff members return to work.
  • If required, make your childcare arrangements as early as you can. A range of child care services are available on Acton campus but places are limited. See Child care centres at ANU.
  • Discuss and agree with your supervisor how you would like to stay in touch while you are absent from work, and make sure you give your email address to your supervisor.
  • Let your supervisor know if you want to be kept informed of training opportunities that come up while you are on leave.  Keeping in touch days can be used for this purpose where mutually agreed with your supervisor.
  • Close off your latest performance development review (PDR).
  • If you wish to work within the 6 week period before your estimated due date, you must supply your supervisor with a ‘fitness to work certificate.

After your baby is born, don't forget...

  • If you need personal advice before or during leave, you or members of your family can seek help from the Employee Assistance Program.
  • If you are sick while on unpaid leave, you may be able to utilise your personal leave if you have a Medical Certificate.
  • Stay in touch with your supervisor and HR manager to discuss any workplace changes and your return to work plans.
  • Make a note in your diary at least four weeks prior to your expected return to work as a reminder to contact your supervisor and HR team to notify them of your return to work or any planned changes to parental leave and flexible work arrangements (a request for part-time work on return from parental leave cannot be unreasonably refused).
  • Speak to your supervisor about breastfeeding facilities that you may require access to on your return to work. There are several parenting rooms available on campus and one at Mount Stromlo. Refer to the map of Parenting Rooms on Campus (PDF).
  • Consider whether you would benefit from a ‘re-induction’ on return to work to be informed of any workplace changes that occurred while you were on leave.
  • Make an appointment with your supervisor to discuss your Performance Development Review including any development requirements to support your return to work.



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