Your responsibilities

As a staff member with a disability, you should discuss the following with your supervisor as soon as possible:

  • how your disability/ illness or medical condition affects your work
  • what adjustments you require, including:
    • changes to physical work environment
    • changes in the way you conduct your tasks
    • amendments to your working hours.
  • how this has worked in previous employment and what you can bring to the workplace for setting up (this could include specific software programs that you would set up through DOI).
  • meeting regularly to review the new arrangements and amend if necessary
  • whether your work colleagues should be advised of the adjustments that will be put in place. If necessary, you can choose to do this yourself or have your supervisor discuss it
  • complete an Employment Access Agreement (EAA) that outlines the above.

Note: When signing off on the agreement, you will consent to who can access this information if you change roles within the University or you get a new supervisor. This will be outlined in the agreement. Your supervisor will give you a copy of the agreement and one will be kept on your personal file in a confidential envelop accessible to HR and those you have authorised to have access.

You may have a disability that you have been able to manage and therefore did not disclose it because you did not require adjustments to your workplace. However, if you are not managing your disability well and need some support to get back on track, you must discuss this with your supervisor immediately so your work is not adversely affected.

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