Self-declaring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage

The Australian National University has a long history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in Academic and Professional roles. The University is committed to the development and retention of its current Indigenous Australian staff, including achieving the Indigenous Australian employment targets of 2.2% of Indigenous Australian staff by 2020.

To achieve this, the University reports quarterly the recruitment and retention rates of its Indigenous Australian staff by encouraging those who identify to declare their Indigenous heritage.

The University understands and respects that a person’s Indigenous identity is a personal matter that connects them to their Country, Kin and Communities. With this in mind, it is voluntary for staff to self-declare their Indigenous heritage.

Why does the University encourage its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to self-declare their Indigenous heritage? 

Self-declaration provides the University with accurate data in evaluating the success of our employment strategy, which in turn helps set specific Indigenous recruiting targets (employment opportunities).

It also ensures that resources are directed to the most beneficial areas of the University (i.e. funds towards training for promotion and or retention of Indigenous Australian staff within their respective Colleges/Divisions), and is an indicator to the community that the University is a trusted employer and provides a safe place for Indigenous Australians.

How do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff self-declare their Indigenous heritage?

To self-declare, log into HORUS (HR Online Remote User System):

  1. Under the Personal Information section, click the Indigenous Austn Indicator link.

  2. In the Description drop-down list, choose the relevant indicator to declare whether you are either:

  • Aboriginal
  • Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander
  • Neither Aboriginal nor Torres Strait Islander
  • Torres Strait Islander.


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