Manager responsibilities for a staff member with a non-work related injury or illness

Your staff member has contacted you and has advised you that they will be returning to work. Some simple planning on behalf of yourself and your staff member is essential to ensure a smooth return.

Regardless of the situation, whether your staff member has acquired a disability or has taken time off due to their pre-existing disability, communication is key.

Your responsibilities

As a manager you should:

  • confirm when your staff member is due to return
  • review their position description and identify the inherent requirements of the role - tasks that must be carried out in order to get the job done
  • understand your staff member's abilities and relevant restrictions. Your staff member, with the support of their doctor, is the best person to advise you of this
  • send through the PD to your staff member and ask for their doctor to write a report with the following information
    • Date they are due to return
    • Whether their return will be immediate (full hours) or gradual (if so, what they recommend is a good return to work schedule)
    • Any restrictions or limitations to their role - this will help clarify any modifications or adjustments you may need to make

Note: If deemed necessary, contact the Injury Management Team for assistance with a workplace assessment outlining the background and current situation

Note: Further assistance may be required if your staff member requires significant modifications or adjustments. The Injury Management Team will determine whether an internal or external workplace assessment is required in consultation with your staff member and their treating practitioner, develop a return to work plan.

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