Disability resource guide

The following information will take you to organisations that can supply help, advice or information about people with disability and approaches to supporting them in the workplace.

The list is not comprehensive and, in some cases, some of these agencies are limited to a particular state or area. Many of these sites also contain useful links to related sites, including sites of partner organisations in other states.

Please note: These resources are provided as guidance only and must be read in conjunction with the relevant policies and procedures on disabilities and employment. Each request for reasonable adjustments requires focus upon an individual's specific needs with their own disability and the inherent requirements of the position. Generalisations and assumptions about a person's disability must be avoided. Assessment of workplace adjustments and unjustifiable hardship must be undertaken with reference to the Disability Discrimination Act. Advice should be sought from ANU Staff Disability Consultant where there are issues pertaining to workplace adjustments and unjustifiable hardships.

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