Code of conduct

The ANU Code of Conduct provides a broad framework for the identification and resolution of issues concerning the conduct of staff members at the University. It is intended to guide staff in their dealings with colleagues, students, the University and the local, national and international communities. It does not address all possible situations that may arise in employment with the University but is a set of principles that provide guidance to staff on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

The Code applies to all staff members and to all individuals who enter into particular relationships with the University for a specified time period or time periods, for example members of Council and other University committees, contractors, visiting fellows, adjunct appointees, visitors and volunteers. 

The Code stands beside but does not exclude or replace the rights and obligations of staff under common and statute law and is not intended to inhibit academic freedom.

The key elements of the Code of Conduct are:

  • University responsibilities
  • Staff responsibilities which are broadly defined in four areas:
    • Respect for law and university governance
    • Fair treatment of people
    • Personal and professional behaviour
    • Exercising care and diligence in employment  

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

An essential part of (developing and) maintaining a safe and fair work  environment is to ensure that individuals with concerns are encouraged to come forward in the knowledge that the University will:

  • consider and investigate, if appropriate, allegations of behaviour that may breach the Code or other University policies
  • take all reasonable steps to provide protection for staff who make disclosures in good faith regarding conduct that is inconsistent with this Code and
  •  follow the appropriate procedures depending on the issues/concerns raised.

Not all issues will be dealt with under the Code of Conduct procedure. Some, for example those covering harassment and discrimination concerns, are dealt with by the processes outlined in the Staff Grievance Resolution policies and procedures.

Minor or isolated breaches of the Code may not warrant action but, as part of a pattern of behaviour, may be viewed more seriously.

As a general principle, and wherever it is possible to do so, staff members should attempt to resolve an issue at the local level.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct or University policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action.

Staff may also seek advice from the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Branch, theHuman Resources Division, the ANU Employee Assistance Program, or their relevant staff representative.

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