Business benefits of being a disability confident organisation

By making The Australian National University's recruitment practices barrier-free to people with disability, we ensure that all potential employees who have the relevant skills, qualifications and experience can apply.

This benefits ANU by increasing the size of the talent pool from which we recruit (people with a disability represent 20% of the population), therefore making it easier to find the best person for the job. 

Some facts:

  • employees with disability have fewer scheduled absences than employees without disability as well as increased tenure
  • making it easier for them to discuss any concerns relating to their health or their work
  • on average, employing people with disability does not cost any more than employing people without disability.

Being confident

Being confident about employing people with a disability will help ensure you:

  • attract the best candidates from a wider talent pool
  • retain employees who have valuable experience and knowledge
  • reduce sick leave and early 'medical' retirements
  • strengthen workplace morale and productivity
  • reduce workplace incidents
  • reduce the risk of claims of unlawful discrimination against your organisation.

There is a strong business case, as well as an ethical case, for employing people with disability. Having a workforce that reflects the diversity of the wider community can lead to greater loyalty and satisfaction.

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