Athena SWAN at ANU

ANU is striving to become an inclusive university that promotes and encourages all staff to achieve their full potential. To achieve this ANU has committed to the SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN Charter. The charter is an accreditation program that recognises, promotes and rewards excellence in advancing gender equity and diversity.

ANU became an inaugural member of the SAGE Pilot project in the 2016. Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt is deeply committed to helping women achieve the full promise of their academic careers at ANU.

The focus of the SAGE pilot is on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines. However, ANU is committed to seeing gender equity extend into humanities and social science disciplines as well as in our professional staff. 

What we're doing

To achieve an Athena SWAN Bronze Award ANU must demonstrated that it:

  • understands the current state of gender equity in its STEMM disciplines
  • understands the institutional structures, systems, and culture which contribute to gender inequity in its STEMM disciplines
  • has a 4-year action plan to address gender inequity in its STEMM disciplines

ANU has already begun data collection and will decide upon a number practical actions to support gender equity in science in 2018. Our submission for the Bronze SAGE award is due 31 March 2019.