Short listing sub-committee

Short listing Is a sorting process to identify those applicants who warrant further consideration. This process is a systematic assessment of the strengths of the applicants' claims against the selection criteria

The Selection Committee may delegate the short listing to one or two of its members, or a sub-committee. There should be a gender balance on any sub-committee.

All members of a Selection Committee should be kept informed of the decisions, and reasons for short listing recorded so that the process is transparent to those members not involved in the short listing as well as applicants.

The role of the sub-committee may also include identification of other information to be sought.

Sub-committee development

  • The Chair may ask several members of the selection committee to form a sub-committee to undertake specific tasks such as short listing for the full committee.
  • This may transpire if the chair/members of the committee are time restricted and can considerably speed up the recruitment process or if there are a considerably large number of applicants.


  • Gender mix.
  • Minimum of two members of the selection committee.


  • Determining a preliminary list of candidates for short listing.
  • Determining for whom referee reports are to be sought.
  • Identification of other information to be sought.

The full selection committee is required to meet to endorse any decision of a sub-committee and confirm a list of candidates for interview.

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