Advice to candidates who have not been short listed

As soon as possible after the short-listing process has taken place, the applicants who have not been short-listed should be advised in writing by the relevant area that their application has been unsuccessful.

Care should be taken to ensure that unsuccessful applicants are advised that they have not been short listed before the selection process continues. This avoids applicants, in particular internal applicants, finding out from another source that they have not been short listed (as it is generally no secret when interviews are being held in the workplace).

For internal applicants, prior to unsuccessful letters being distributed, as a courtesy, the chair may decide to telephone the internals and advise that they will not be progressing to interview. While a desirable step, this is not essential.

There are facilities within the Recruit@ANU system that will generate unsuccessful letters. Unsuccessful letters can also be forwarded by email.

If, however, the process in moving quickly and it is expected interviews will be conducted within a short period of time, the advice to non short listed applicants can be delayed until the interviews have been completed and a selection is made.

The chair of the selection committee would normally keep a copy of the notes and provide feedback to candidates if requested.

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