Confidentiality of referee reports

Referees are to be assured in any correspondence or discussion with the Chair that the information is received by ANU on a confidential basis and on the clear understanding that the University will do everything in its power to respect and maintain that confidence.

Referees are encouraged to pass a copy of their written referee report to the applicant. Indeed, it would be preferable for reports to be forwarded that have been sited by the applicant.

Referees' reports will be disclosed only to members of the selection committee. The names of referees and their reports are not to be made available to a liaison committee or to the staff of the school. A breach of confidentiality may result in discontinuation of the selection process.

The University is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (1991) that may give persons the right to obtain access to documents, including referee reports, held by the University.

It is the responsibility of the chair to ensure that referees are advised of the University's Freedom of Information (FOI) obligations. The Referee Report Form (HR89) used for obtaining referee reports makes reference to these obligations.

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