Visa applicants Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)

The Temporary Activity visa enables professional academics to visit Australia on a temporary basis, to observe or participate in an Australian research project. The visa is valid for the period of the activity (training / research) up to two years. The visa allows a visitor to enter Australia on multiple occasions during the visa validity period, undertake the activity specified in their visa application and to bring eligible secondary applicants with them to Australia.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants applying for a subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa must meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) eligibility requirements.

Most importantly, all visa applicants under the Temporary Activity visa must either be an academic or research student and meet the following criteria.

Academic applicant:

  1. is employed or has recently been employed as an academic at a tertiary education or research institution and hold or have held a senior academic title;
  2. has a significant record of achievement in their field;
  3. suitably qualified;
  4. has adequate financial support and health insurance for the duration of their stay and meet DIBP's health and character requirements.

Research student applicant is:

  1. a student of a foreign educational institution or has graduated from a foreign educational institution during the 12 months preceding the application
  2. seeking to enter or remain in Australia to undertake research at an Australian tertiary or research institution that is closely related to the course in which the student is or was enrolled
  3. has adequate financial support and health insurance for the duration of their stay and meet DIBP's health and character requirements.

The ANU is permitted to pay the researcher and there are not any limits on the amount or types of payments. This visa also allows for secondary activities such as teaching. These activities must be disclosed in the letter of invitation to the Researcher.

Visa application process

The University's existing sponsorship for the former subclass 402 Training and Research visa is valid for sponsoring 408 visa applicants. As ANU is deemed a Commonwealth entity, we do not need to submit a nomination to support each visa application.

Step one- Invitation to Visiting Academic

The local area will initiate a new VaHa form on behalf of the Researcher. Once the form has been completed by the local area and Researcher, approval from the area delegate will automatically produce a sponsorship letter which is emailed automatically to the Trainee. In addition to the letter, the local area should also provide the following information (please contact the Recruitment Services team in Human Resources Division for more information).

  • A brief duty statement outlining the role and responsibilities of the visiting academic in the research activity they are being invited to participate in.
  • Advise the visitor that they will need to obtain evidence of their current or former employment as an academic. If currently employed as an academic, they will have to include a statement from their home institution that confirms the invitation to visit ANU and that leave from their usual academic has been granted, covering the full period of the visit to Australia. If the visiting academic is not currently employed as an academic, they will need to provide evidence of their former academic employment.
  • Advise the visitor that they should also provide evidence of funds, such as an employment contract, bank statements or a letter from their financial institution stating their financial position. Allowances, accommodation and other financial assistance towards living expenses from ANU can also be considered when DIBP assesses visiting academic's ability to support themselves.
  • Advise the visitor that ANU is exempted from the nomination process (the application form requests a nomination ID number - applicant should tick the Not Applicable box

Step two- The Visiting Academic applies for the Visa

  • The Occupational Trainee should complete the visa application online after creating a new account at ImmiAccount.
  • The applicant should ensure to attach all documents listed in the 408 visa checklist to their application.

Processing times

Processing times vary, however the DIBP Visa Processing Time Service Standard for this visa is two-three months

Visa fee

An non-refundable application charge is payable by the visa applicant at time of lodging the visa.

Visa Conditions

Once the visa is granted, the visa holder should carefully read all conditions attached to it as advised in the letter of approval. Amongst others, the following conditions will apply:

  • Work/activities undertaken restricted to that what was specified in the application
  • Maintain adequate health insurance for the full duration of stay in Australia (for primary visa holder as well as any secondary applicants). Health insurance must be obtained in order to be granted this visa.
  • Maintain adequate means of financial support for the full duration of stay in Australia.

ANU obligations

  • Secure one or more offers of accommodation and ensure that the sponsored person has accommodation for the entire period of their stay in Australia
  • Ensure a honorary status offer letter is received by the nominee, including sponsorship approval details, copy of Visiting Academic's sponsorship approval letter and an outline of the structured research plan
  • Ensure the dates of the visa correspond to the dates in the honorary status offer letter
  • Notify DIBP if the Visiting Academic ceases their involvement in the research activity before the agreed completion date.
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