About Skills Exchange at ANU

Skills Exchange at ANU has been established to help staff develop their skills and experience, while supporting areas that are experiencing increased demands.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to learn and try new things, as well as harnessing our diversity of skills and knowledge to support the University to continue to deliver world-class education and research.

Whilst not every role in the University has translated easily to being undertaken in a home environment, our community have a strong desire to help the University and to contribute to core activities whilst we are required to work differently.

Staff who feel they can contribute their skills and time to other areas of the University can provide temporary support to other areas, where there is an identified match for skills and capacity.

We will engage with areas across the University that are experiencing increased work demands, and actively match staff to their needs.

Who can register for Skills Exchange at ANU?

Continuing, fixed term and casual staff are all able to register, with a flexible process allowing staff to complete either a full or partial temporary change.

Note: Taking part in Skills Exchange does not constitute additional hours or payments.


Please read the Frequently asked questions page and follow the below links to register accordingly:

  • Staff with capacity to support are encouraged to register using the Skills Exchange form available in HORUS Employee Self-Service within the HR Forms tile.
  • Supervisors requiring temporary resources or skills are encouraged to register using the Skills Exchange form available in HORUS Manager Self-Service within the HR Forms tile.    

What happens next?

Once you have registered, we will review skills needed together with skills available. If we identify a suitable match, we will connect the staff member and the area requiring assistance.

If there is not an immediate match for you or your area, we will post your skills available on the Temporary Skills Available noticeboard, or your resourcing needs in the Temporary Opportunities noticeboard below


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