Roles & responsibilities

Who/role What / responsibilities
Supervisor / Manager
  • Provides leadership and guidance on the change management process.
  • Work with local HR to manage the change process in accordance with ANU Enterprise Agreement  commitments and policy (includes development of proposals; undertaking consultation with staff (both individually and collectively); review and consider staff suggestions).
  • Liaise with senior manager/s, College HR and Central HR on proposed changes.
  • Inform and consult with staff about the planned/proposed changes.
  • Support those staff who are affected by the change:
    • allow and encourage staff to participate and have a say in any change process
    • advise staff of assistance via the Advisor to staff and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP);
  • Provide any necessary training and development opportunities which may enable staff to operate effectively within the new environment.
Staff Members
  • Is informed/consulted about the planned changes.
  • Responsibility to constructively engage in the change process.
  • Understand that consultation means that ANU will take your view into consideration along with all other viewpoints - but this may not mean that your view will be adopted.
  • May provide comments / suggestions during the consultation stage.
Head of School / Head of Department
  • Oversee the change process and provide strategic advice and direction.
  • Final endorsement and approval of change management documents as well as recommendations of separations.
  • Manage financial considerations within delegations.
  • Oversee the change process in accordance with ANU Enterprise Agreement commitments and policy.
College / Division HR
  • Advise Organisational Change team of any upcoming change proposals and liaise with the Division throughout the process.
  • Provide advice, assistance and support regarding formal and informal change process (ongoing throughout the process) to local staff.
  • Preparation of change documentation; May attend / participate in change management meetings.
  • Obtain local senior management endorsement for change proposals.
  • Circulate change proposals to affected staff.
  • Liaison with staff representatives/unions at all stages of the change proposal.
  • Partner with local staff to implement any changes.
Organisational Change Team (HR Division)
  • Provide advice, assistance and support regarding formal and informal change processes (ongoing throughout the process).
  • May attend/participate in change management meetings.
  • Provide advice on and review of change management proposals.
  • Notify union representatives of any change proposals and update on any status changes.
  • Request separation estimate quoted from payroll, prepare relevant correspondence/deeds.
  • Advice on possible redundancy and mutually agreed separations.
  • Policy review and development.
Director Human Resources
  • As delegate for terminations the Director, Human Resources has the delegation to approve and sign off on redundancies and early separation arrangements.
  • Oversight of any industrial disputes/grievances resulting from the change management process.
  • Ensure change is managed in accordance with ANU Enterprise Agreement commitments and related policies and procedures.
  • Exercise discretion in relation to issues outside "normal" change frameworks or beyond policy.


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