Evaluation & reporting stage

On conclusion of the project an evaluation should be conducted to determine if the change has been successful; did it meet the objectives and goals as documented in the change management proposal?

The timing of the evaluation depends on the scope of the project but typically would occur six to twelve months post implementation with findings being provided to key stakeholders in the form a of a summary document

Measuring success- procedural suggestions

It is important to have a 'starting point' or 'base line' from which to assess if the change has been effective and to measure and provide updates on a regular basis.

Some examples of success measures which could be used:

  • the progress- activity, efficiency, effectiveness
  • staffing (people) metrics such as turnover/absenteeism/employee satisfaction etc (links to retention and engagement)
  • financial measures
  • client feedback
  • student feedback
  • focus groups, individual discussions/'interviews' manager feedback
  • output measures such as increased productivity, employee skill and knowledge.

The review process should also consider:

  • what has been achieved as planned
  • what has not gone as planned (why and what, if anything, should be done about it?).

For assistance with HR metrics, please contact the Workforce Planning & Analytics Branch. 


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