Incident investigations & corrective actions


Work Environment Group conducts incident investigations based on the nature and severity of the incident.

Work Environment Group investigates incidents to:

  • minimise harm caused by incidents
  • respond to system failures
  • initiate and complete appropriate corrective and preventative actions.

Colleges and Service Divisions shall facilitate the investigation of incidents by Work Environment Group by:

  • preserving the scene of the incident
  • providing documentation related incident (e.g. other investigation reports, work procedures, records)
  • providing access to staff involved in the incident for interview
  • providing specialist staff to assist in the investigation
  • facilitating the investigation by adhering to any other reasonable request made by the investigation team.

Formal Work Health & Safety (WHS) investigations by the Work Environment Group are accompanied by an investigation report.

Corrective actions

Investigation reports contain corrective actions which detail specific requirements for system improvements. Responsible persons will be given a period of time to address corrective actions detailed in investigation reports. Items not corrected within the appointed time, without a satisfactory explanation, will be noted by ANU WHS Committee.

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