Documentation & records


WHS documentation at The Australian National University (ANU):

  • describes the core elements of the University's Health and Safety Management Arrangements and their interaction and
  • provides direction to related documentation

Work Environment Group provides WHS documentation to ANU through the HSMA. This system is available through ANU WHS website. Examples of WHS documents include:

  • policies
  • procedures
  • guidelines
  • brochures
  • information sheets.

Colleges and Services Divisions shall use the HSMA to develop documentation specific to their area of operation.

Document control

WHS documents and records shall be legible, dated, readily identifiable, and maintained in an orderly manner for a specified period.

Colleges and Service Divisions shall ensure that:

  • documents are readily located
  • documents are periodically reviewed
  • the current versions of OHS documents are available to staff, students, contractors and visitors at locations where the documentation is essential to operations
  • obsolete documents are removed from use
  • documents retained for legal or knowledge preservation are identified and suitably retained.

University Records detail the specific ANU requirements for the storage of official documentation. This is in line with the National Archives of Australia specific requirements for the storage and retention of WHS documents and records through the Administrative Functions Disposal Authority.


WHS records are the means by which ANU demonstrates ongoing compliance with the WHS MS documentation. Examples of WHS records include:

  • minutes from WHS Committee Meetings
  • training certificates
  • signed induction sheets
  • hazard registers
  • permits to work
  • work place inspections
  • incident data
  • monitoring and measurement data (eg noise, air quality and light measurements)
  • audits and reviews.

Records shall be stored in accordance with University Records Management Manual.

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