Duties: Staff who engage or manage contractors

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 states that contractors or subcontractors, or employees of contractors or subcontractors, are regarded as ANU workers. If you are employing contractors on major projects, then seek legal advice on the implications under the Act of employing them.

Whether or not you seek legal advice, in all cases where ANU engages or manages contractors, ANU management shall appoint an ANU employee as a contract supervisor and/or project officer to oversee the issues below and/or to act in a liaison role. Anyone appointed as a contract supervisor or project officer is responsible for ensuring:

  • completion of the pre-qualification process before awarding the contract (issue of service agreement), including ensuring the contract contains details of responsibility for health, safety and environment issues agreed with the contractor, their employees or subcontractors, and ANU
  • contractors have all the relevant statutory worker's compensation and liability insurances,qualifications, licences, training, experience and certificates of competency that are needed for the job (Contract supervisors must sight and keep copies of all relevant documentation)
  • the primary contractor completes the campus-specific ANU contractor induction program (for construction work) or site induction, as suitable
  • the contractor completes a comprehensive Job Safety Analysis and the contract supervisor reviews it before work begins
  • the equipment and materials used by contractors are safe and are used in a manner that does not pose a risk to the contractors or to ANU staff, students and visitors
  • contractors use safe work methods
  • ANU does not expose contractors to unreasonable health and safety risks arising out of its activities
  • they keep communication with the contractor, and supervise and inspect the quality of the work
  • the contractor reports WHS incidents using the University's online incident reporting system as well as their own reporting needs
  • they are aware of the University's needs for building changes.
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