Staff member has been injured or become ill outside of work

You have been contacted by your staff member who has advised you that they have been injured due to a non - work related incident or have become ill.

Your responsibilities

As a manager, you should:

  • ask them when they anticipate they will return
  • ask them if there is anything you can do to aid in their return to work
  • if they are going to be off work for a long period:
    • arrange with them to maintain regular contact
    • advise your other staff they will be off work for a while and discuss with them how the workload is going to be distributed in their absence
    • if it will be for a substantial amount of time that will have a large impact on the work of your other staff, you may need to consider hiring a casual or temporary staff member
    • contact your local HR Representative to discuss this option further.

Note: There is no need to discuss the nature of the absence with your team. You may want to let them know you will be talking to your team in relation to how their work will be covered and what you will be talking to your team about.

What next?

You maintain regular contact and wait until you are advised by your staff member they are returning to work.

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