Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Consultation

Update at 2 August 2017

Worker’s Compensation Self-Insurance Licence Application Update

The Safety Rehabilitation Compensation Commission (SRCC) reviewed the University’s Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Licence application at their 8 March 2017 meeting. At this meeting, ANU was advised that the Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post) would no longer be able to be engaged as a claims manager.

Further options for claims management

ANU has explored alternative options for the provision of claims management services and is entering into an enhanced, co-located claims management service arrangement with Comcare. These services will be provided by Comcare for a period of 2 years. 

The University intends to build up its own capacity to manage its workers’ compensation claims over time, but will do so with the assistance and support of Comcare. This includes the training of internal claims management and administration resources to ensure a smooth transition to self-insurance.

New consultation

Following the University’s decision to use Comcare as the claims manager it was a requirement that further consultation occur throughout the campus community. The University rolled out a second round of consultation and staff were encouraged to take the opportunity to have their say and to provide feedback, comments or questions. The formal consultation phase has now closed.

Self-insurance licence to commence 1 July 2018

While this alternative approach to claims management is being considered, the University has requested that the SRCC consider the University’s updated licence application at its November 2017 meeting, for commencement of a self-insurance licence from 1 July 2018.

As part of the University’s licence application we are seeking endorsement for all existing claims to be transferred to the ANU for claims management.

How can staff provide feedback?

  • Send a direct email to

  • Click on the ‘Feedback’ button provided on this webpage

  • Through your local WHS Committee Meeting Chair.