Objectives & targets

ANU is committed to reducing or eliminating workplace injury and illness. As part of this commitment, the Work Health & Safety (WHS) Committee has endorsed the development of WHS Improvement Plans, sections of which should become a part of each College's/Service Division's overall Strategic Plan.

The WHS Improvement Plan should be based on the WHS objectives and targets in the ANU WHS Strategic Plan and have the following aims as their basis:

  • reduce the frequency and severity of risks to staff, students, contractors and visitors' safety
  • improve prevention of occupational injury, illness and disease but where prevention is not possible, reduce their impact
  • train, support and motivate staff, students and contractors to identify, report and manage hazards effectively.

It is essential that Deans and Directors provide support through:

  • senior leaders' and managers' commitment and communication
  • clearly assigning actions and responsibilities
  • providing sufficient resources to achieve risk reduction to as low as reasonably practicable within their College/School/Service Division or equivalent.

Support in developing Improvement Plans is available through Work Environment Group.

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