Chapter 3.19 Managing Safety in relation to Facilities and Amenities

Responsibility, Accountability and Actions

Forms and Templates

  • Appendix A. Facilities and Amenities Assessment (PDF, 194 KB)
  • Appendix A.1 Factors for consideration on facilities, work environment and amenities (PDF, 155 KB)
  • Appendix A.2 Minimum requirements for Work Environment (PDF, 1.5 MB)
  • Appendix A.3 Minimium requirements for Facilities and Amenities (PDF, 1.5 MB)
  • Appendix B. Wastes and Safe Disposal of Wastes (PDF, 368 KB)
  • Appendix B.1 Waste Stream Identification and Disposal Instruction Template (DOCX, 98 KB)
  • Appendix B.2 High-risk Area Waste Disposal Bin Chart Template (DOCX, 137 KB)
  • Appednix C. Confined Space Determination Assessment (DOCX, 101 KB)
  • Appednix D. Common Hazards and Commin Controls for Confined Spaces (PDF, 526 KB)
  • Appendix D.1 Confined Space Signage Examples (PDF, 556 KB)
  • Appendix D.2 Emergency and Rescue Procedure Template for Confined Spaces (DOCX, 100 KB)
  • Appendix E. Common Hazards and Common Controls for Working at Height (including roof) (PDF, 746 KB
  • Appendix E.1 Signage to Roof Access (PDF, 528 KB)
  • Appendix E.2 Safety Step and Step Ladder Safe Use Instruction Templates (DOCX, 141 KB)
  • Appendix E.3 Emergency and Resuce Procedure Template for Fall-Arrest Systems (DOCX, 101 KB)
  • Appendix E.4 Specific requirements for Individual Fall-arrest Systems (PDF, 986 KB)
  • Appendix F. Common Restricted Areas within the University (PDF, 689 KB)
  • Appendix G. Signage Assessment Template (DOCX, 2.2 MB)
  • Appendix H. Common Hazards and Common Controls for Isolated Works on Campus (PDF, 532 KB)

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