Workplace inspections

Workplace inspections measure the effectiveness of the University's Work Health and Safety Management System.

Workplace inspections include inspection of:

  • a work area to ensure that controls are effective and safety requirements are being followed
  • potentially hazardous process to ensure that controls have been effective
  • plant to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g. pressure vessels, overhead cranes, gas cylinders).

Colleges and Service Divisions:

  • are required to conduct annual inspections of all work areas
  • may choose to conduct inspections more frequently depending of the nature of the work being carried out and the risks involved
  • may delegate the responsibility for workplace inspections to local area WHS Committees.

Corrective actions identified during the inspection process will be assigned a responsible person, completion date and review date. Workplace inspections should take into account corrective action requirements from previous inspections.

Inspection checklist examples

The documents are examples of workplace inspection checklists:

These checklists are not exhaustive and may require modification to suit specific areas.

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