Workstation assessments

Ensuring your workstation is suitably adjusted to support good working posture is an essential part of reducing the risk of injury.

A workstation assessment should be done at commencement of employment, after desk relocation and at the onset of any symptoms of injury. There are three options for checking on your workstation set up.

  1. Do a self check. Guidelines for setting up your workstation will help. This is suitable in the absence of any injury.
  2. Request an Occupational Strains Liaison Officer (OSLO) assessment. This is suitable if you are a new employee or do not have an injury. If you don't know who the OSLO is in your area, contact your HR Manager.
  3. Assessment by a health professional from WEG. This should occur if you have an injury or are experiencing any painful symptoms. Submit an incident notification and an assessment time will be arranged. Following the assessment a report will be sent to you and your supervisor.
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