Safe use of laptops

Risks with laptop use

Prolonged use of laptops is a significant risk for developing pain or other symptoms in the neck, shoulder, arm or back, along with eye strain and headaches. Laptops have the advantage of portability but there is a cost in adjust ability. When the screen is at the right position for your head and neck it is in a poor position for your arms and vice versa. This results in poor working postures.

Recommended risk controls

Limit the time the laptop is used

  • Limit time spent working on laptops to two hours per day (total). Have a break away every 30 minutes to move, stretch and have a visual break.
  • Avoid using laptop on a high surface as this will result in elevated shoulder and shoulder and upper back pain.

Plug the laptop into a standard desk monitor for laptop use in the office

  • Purchase a docking station.
  • Use your desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse as usual.

For extended periods of laptop use

  • Plug in a separate keyboard and mouse.
  • Raise the height of the laptop screen with a laptop stand or raiser.
  • Set up workstation as recommended.
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