New furniture, fit-outs and refurbishments

Work area design and purchased equipment must allow for safe work practices by all staff and visitors.

At the Australian National University (ANU) significant change to the workplace environment is guided by risk assessment. Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Regulations, the risks of injury and illness associated with work tasks must be eliminated or if not possible, be reduced as low as is reasonably practicable. It is most effective, easier and cheaper to address hazards and risks in the planning and design phase of new projects.

Intended users of new furniture or of a workspace should be consulted to ensure that the work environment and equipment is designed to suit the type of work and the physical needs of the workers. Poor workplace design and furniture selection can lead to body stressing injuries for staff, decreased productivity and high costs to address the mistakes of poor design.

The Work Environment Group can provide specialist advice on:

  • suitable furniture
  • workstation design
  • workplace layout, and
  • Australian standards.
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