Promoting psychological wellbeing in the workplace

As an employer, ANU has a duty under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991 to ensure the health and safety, including the mental health, of staff

Your responsibilities

Your role as a manager is to:

  • Promote the psychological wellbeing of all your team by:
    • making it easier for them to discuss any concerns relating to their health or their work
    • showing an openness to listen to their concerns and discuss solutions with them, and
    • reassuring them that the information they give you will be treated in confidence.
  • Provide a workplace that is stress free by:
    • ensuring your staff get regular breaks
    • encouraging your staff to participate in the wellbeing activities that ANU offers
    • monitoring your staff during peak times and be aware of the potential effect this can have.

Note: If a staff member tells you they are managing mental illness or are experiencing some form of 'distress' it is important you manage this properly and act quickly.

Early intervention will reduce the risk of the situation worsening

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