Enterprise bargaining

The University has given notice that it is bargaining in relation to a new enterprise agreement. This agreement is proposed to cover all staff of the University, with the exception of those staff employed under clause 11.1 of The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2013-2016 and those employed under the Live Performance Award 2010.

For further information about your representational rights under the Fair Work Act 2009, please access the Notice of Staff Representational Rights (PDF, 62KB).

ANU Bargaining Team

The Bargaining Team can be contacted via ea.comments@anu.edu.au.  Employees can use this address to:

  • send the nomination of their bargaining representative, if they are nominating one;
  • make suggestions about the issues that they think should be addressed in the negotiations and new agreement; and
  • ask questions about the bargaining process.

External Resources

In addition to the ANU resources, employees can obtain information about enterprise agreements and their negotiation from: