77. Grievance resolution

77.1  A staff member who feels aggrieved about a matter associated with his or her employment conditions is expected to raise the issue(s) with his or her supervisor, or the supervisor's supervisor, as soon as practicable. The supervisor must initiate discussions with the staff member within two working days of receiving the grievance. The aims of such discussions are to determine whether a genuine grievance exists; gather information as required to assist with the resolution of the grievance; and resolve the grievance or arrange mediation or conciliation to attempt to resolve the grievance.

77.2  A staff member who feels that the matter has not been resolved may initiate a formal grievance in accordance with University policy, which will prescribe the procedures for grievance resolution.

77.3  Where a staff member uses the grievance process, the University would expect that the grievance process would normally be fully exhausted before any dispute is raised under clause 79 - Dispute avoidance and settlement.