7. Professional staff recruitment and engagement

7.1.    Except in the circumstances referred to in clauses 7.4 and 7.5, or where the Director – Human Resources authorises otherwise, vacancies for professional staff positions will be advertised by the University. 

7.2.    The University may advertise vacancies in such a manner as it deems fit provided that notice of vacancies is given through the normal internal advertising mechanism. 

7.3.    Prospective applicants should normally be given not less than seven working days (external advertising) and five working days (internal advertising) to lodge a response to an advertisement.

7.4.    Vacancies will be measured against staff seeking redeployment before recruitment action is undertaken. Subject to redeployment arrangements in clause 56.7 where a person is assessed as having the skills and experience necessary to effectively perform the duties of the vacant position, that person will be transferred to the position as directed by the Director – Human Resources.

7.5.    A fixed term professional staff appointment of 12 months or less may be offered without advertisement provided that the area gives priority to suitably qualified staff members seeking rehabilitation, redeployment or transfer.

7.6.    Any person who has been employed at the University within the previous 12 months and is registered with the Casual Pool will have the status of internal applicants for advertised vacancies. 

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