67. Domestic violence

67.1 The University recognises that some of its staff may experience situations of violence and abuse in their domestic life which may impact on their attendance or performance at work. The University commits to provide support to staff in these circumstances. Domestic violence refers to physical, sexual, financial, verbal or emotional abuse by a family member or household member.

67.2 Staff can assess the free and confidential university counselling service and/or the ACT Domestic Violence Crisis Service for support.

67.3 Staff experiencing domestic violence may access their leave entitlements, including personal leave, annual leave and long service leave (where eligible), for reasons such as attending medical or counselling appointments, attending to legal matters, seeking safe housing and other matters relating to dealing with the domestic violence.

67.4 A staff member may make a confidential request to the Director - Human Resources to reinstate leave which was taken as a result of experiencing domestic violence . No reasonable request will be refused.

67.5 In order to support a person experiencing domestic violence and provide a safe and supportive workplace the University will favourably consider reasonable requests for variations in work arrangements including change to hours of work, transfer to more suitable work where available, changes to telephone and email addresses, and other flexible working arrangements.

67.6 Where a staff member identifies as being subject to domestic violence all related information must be kept confidential and access to this information restricted to university staff seeking to provide support and assistance.