51. Multi-skilling and staff transfer

51.1. The University may require a professional staff member to carry out duties provided that:

    1. the staff member has been trained in the use of necessary tools and equipment and the duties are appropriate to the ANU Officer Level in which the staff member is being paid; and
    2. where relevant, the staff member holds the appropriate current licences.

    51.2. Where a professional staff member is transferred to another area for a period greater than three months involving a change in duties or reporting arrangements, the heads of the work areas involved will inform the staff member of the location and reasons for the transfer, provide a copy of the position description and discuss the transfer if the staff member wishes to do so. The delegate will draw the staff member’s attention to this clause.

    51.3. Where the staff member is satisfied with the arrangements, the transfer will proceed. In other cases, the matter will be referred to the Chief People Officer, who will arrange further discussions, at which the staff member may have a union or staff representative present. The Chief People Officer will determine the matter.

    51.4. This does not in any way restrict the University's right to transfer academic and professional staff members to suitable positions within the University at the same level.

    51.5. There will be no impediments to the transfer of a staff member as a result of accrued entitlements.


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