49. Study provisions for professional staff

49.1. The entitlements for study leave for professional staff are outlined in the table below:

    Leave Type

    Employment Type

    Entitlements and accruals



    Where the professional staff member undertakes a course of study to develop skills, capability and/or, performance, approved by the delegate as appropriate

    Continuing staff;

    continuing (contingent funded) staff; and

    fixed term staff with a contract period over 12 months


    Up to seven hours per week (pro-rata for part-time staff), to attend classes, tutorials, flexible or online synchronous and asynchronous learning events and/or examinations during normal working hours.

    This may be on an aggregated semester or annual basis where courses are presented in blocks.

    Where appropriate learning activities are not available outside normal working hours.

    Up to two weeks per calendar year for residential study for approved distance education course.

    Where the residential course exceeds 2 weeks, the delegate may approve additional leave

    0.5 day for each final exam in addition to actual time of examination.


    Two days prior to exam period in addition to actual time of examination.

    For distance education exams.


    Trainee technical officer

    Up to 12 hours per week to attend classes and examinations


    Trainees -Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 1 or above

    As prescribed by the training authority



    As per the relevant apprenticeship scheme


    49.2.  For trainee technical officers, the University will pay compulsory course fees (excluding fees for amenities, student unions and costs of textbooks and equipment), and provide on-the-job training relevant to the needs of the University and, as far as practicable, coordinated with the prescribed course. For professional staff other than trainee technical officers, the delegate may approve reimbursement of tuition fees.

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