37. Personal leave

37.1  Other than casual employees, personal leave is provided for the following circumstances:

  1. sick leave for all staff members for recovery from personal illness;
  2. carer's leave for all staff members to care for an immediate family member, or a member of the employee's household, who requires care or support because of a personal illness, personal injury, or personal incapacity; or for an unexpected emergency affecting the staff member; or to provide related care for a medical condition , subject to a medical certificate.
  3. bereavement leave of up to five (5) days for an immediate family member;
  4. cultural leave for the purpose of attending essential religious or cultural obligations associated with the staff member's particular religious faith, culture or tradition, subject to the provision of clause 37.11 and reasonable evidence as to the nature of the activity or ceremony the staff member is obliged to attend;
  5. on compassionate or appropriate grounds as determined by the Director - Human Resources .

37.2  For the purpose of personal leave the term "immediate family member" means the staff member's partner including spouse, de facto and same sex partner, child, including the child of the staff member's partner, parent including parent of the staff member's partner, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling of a spouse or defacto partner

37.3  A staff member is entitled to personal leave on full pay at the rate of: 

Category Entitlement
Full time continuing staff member, continuing contingent funded or fixed-term staff member (over 6 months) in the 1st to 3rd year of service 20 days per year (cumulative)
Full time continuing, continuing contingent funded or fixed-term staff member after the 3rd year of service 25 days per year (cumulative)
Fixed term staff (6 months or less) 10 days on appointment
Part time staff member Accrue on a pro rata basis (cumulative)
Casual staff No entitlement

37.4  All personal leave is cumulative.

37.5  On commencement a staff member will be credited with the 1st year's entitlement. 2nd and subsequent year's entitlement accrues throughout the year and available on the anniversary of appointment.

37.6  Where reasonable circumstances exist, the delegate may approve a staff member taking part of their personal leave entitlement as additional days on a half pay basis.

37.7  As at 19 December 2008, academic staff accrue personal leave in accordance with clause 37.3. All existing academic staff at that time were provided with a one-off additional personal leave credit of 15 days per year for each year of service, provided that where a staff member or their supervisor established that significant personal leave had been already taken, the additional personal leave credit may be varied accordingly. Should this leave credit be insufficient to cover an extended period of personal leave, a staff member is able to make an application to the Director - Human Resources for assistance during their illness in line with clause 37.10.

37.8  All staff must contact their supervisor as soon as possible to advise of their inability to attend work and submit an application for all periods of personal leave.

37.9  A medical certificate is required for absences in excess of four (4) consecutive days or three (3) or more days for staff employed on 12-hour shifts. The evidence may include: a statutory declaration; medical certificate; or other reasonable evidence considered acceptable by the University. In the case of ongoing illness, staff members should discuss and agree with their supervisors on the evidence required. Where considered warranted, the delegate may require a medical certificate for any future absence(s).

37.10   A seriously ill staff member who has used all of his or her personal leave credits and who is suffering substantial hardship may apply to Director - Human Resources for assistance during his or her illness.

37.11  Applications for personal leave for the purpose of attending a significant cultural event in accordance with clause 37.1 will normally be submitted 4 weeks prior to leave to allow the work area to make appropriate staffing arrangements to cover the absence if necessary.

37.12  An employee may apply for compassionate leave, in addition to personal leave, of up to two (2) days per occasion, as provided for in the National Employment Standards; where a member of the staff member's immediate family or household contracts or develops a personal illness that poses a serious threat to their life; or sustains a personal injury that poses a serious threat to their life; or dies.