33. Broadbanding

Staff will move to this broadbanding arrangement on the date of their next increment movement on or after 5 March 2009 subject to meeting the criteria in clause 25 (Incremental salary progression).

Classification Stream ANU Officer Levels and Broadbands Relevant secondary descriptors
Administration 2/3,4,5,6/7,8,SM1 Administration2
General Services 2 Administration
Cleaner 2,3 Cleaner
Engineer 5/6,7,8,SM1 Engineer2
Grounds 2,3,4 Grounds
Hospitality (University House and Halls of Residence) 1/2,3 Hospitality
Information Technology 2/3,4,5/6,7,8,SM1 Information Technology2
Library 4,5/6,7,8,SM1 Library2
Maintenance 2,3,4,5 Maintenance
Printing 2/3,4 Printing
Research 4,5/6,7,8,SM1 Research2
Security 3,4 Security
Stores 2/3,4,5 Administration
Technical / Draughting / Illustrating 2/3,4/5,6,7,8,SM1 Technical2

{1} Broadbands are indicated as, for example, 6/7. 
{2} The specialist secondary descriptors may be used to classify positions within these streams at the ANU Officer Level 6 or above, where specialist skills are required. Where a position is classified as specialist, Levels 6 and 7 will be broadbanded.

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