26. Superannuation

26.1  The University will maintain employer superannuation contributions to UniSuper for all eligible current and new staff.

26.2  The University will maintain employer superannuation contributions to the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) and the Public Service Superannuation Scheme (PSS) for all eligible current staff who are pre-existing ANU members of these schemes.

26.3  Full and part time staff members on continuing or continuing (contingent funded) appointments are eligible for UniSuper membership and entitlements.

26.4  Subject to clause 35 (Continuity of Service), full time and part time staff members on fixed-term appointments of 12 months or more, or who have 12 months continuous service are eligible for UniSuper membership and entitlements. The University will not set the term of a fixed term appointment with the aim of avoiding the payment of 17% superannuation contributions.

26.5  The University will pay 17% of salary to UniSuper for all current and new staff who are eligible to be members of UniSuper and eligible for a 17% employer superannuation contribution as at the date of certification of this Agreement. Further, the University is committed to making a total contribution at the level of 17% towards the benefits available to such staff even if the UniSuper Trust Deed, and/or the Deed of Covenant between UniSuper and the University and/or the TESS Award 1988, are varied.

26.6  Subject to clause 26.4 (above), fixed term staff and casual staff are eligible for the prescribed Superannuation Guarantee rate if their pay meets the entitlement threshold for provision of superannuation and the superannuation payable will be based on their pay, inclusive of the casual loading.

26.7  The University will maintain existing arrangements with UniSuper for current and new staff members who are not eligible for a 17% UniSuper employer superannuation contribution. This will include the payment of the Superannuation Guarantee component, of any amount, which will be paid to UniSuper.

26.8  Should any amendments to CSS or PSS make it possible during the life of this Agreement for employee members to reduce their contributions, the parties will hold discussions on the possibility of increasing the flexibility of employee contributions to CSS and PSS. The University will ensure that it maintains adequate employer provision for those staff who are members of CSS and PSS.

26.9  The salary upon which contributions are calculated shall be no less than as defined in the UniSuper Trust Deed and shall include the rates payable to casual employees.

26.10  Where a staff member salary sacrifices under clause 27 (salary sacrificing and deductions), the employer contribution will be based on the staff member's pre-sacrificed salary.

26.11  Where a staff member who currently receives 17% employer contributions decides to reduce their employee contributions under the Contribution Flexibility provisions, the University will maintain the employer contributions at 17%.

26.12  A staff member of the UniSuper Defined Benefit Division may apply to the University to make payments to UniSuper to cover their member contributions and the employer contributions (which does not include the 3% productivity payment) for periods of authorised leave without pay.

26.13 The University may exercise its options under the UniSuper Deed of Covenant for the 5% flexibility in coverage and contribution level.