Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment strategy

Key strategies

The Australian National University is committed to further developing the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Is Islander Employment Strategy to achieve a workforce reflective of the Australian population.

The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2010-2012 has objectives and principles for the operation of the Employment Strategy.

How your work area can be involved?

Here are some tips for recruiting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people:

  • provide work experience for keen job seekers
  • advertise vacant positions in the Koori Mail and National Indigenous Times (newspapers)
  • use behavioural interviewing techniques
  • request diversity candidates through the casual pool.

How can the Senior Consultant, Indigenous Employment assist us?

The Senior Consultant, Indigenous Employment (SCIE) is the first point of call for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment matters. The SCIE will:

  • assist with planning to meet expectations and targets under the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy
  • provide continuing HR advice and support specific to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment matters to management and supervisors
  • provide Aboriginal Cultural Awareness & Strategy Sessions for all staff in your area
  • recruitment advice for attracting skilled and motivated employees
  • assistance with implementing the 'Supporting Our Staff' policy for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employees, including informal mentoring
  • staff members focused on their career with the University through the Indigenous Australian Staff Network (IASN)
  • any other matter related to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment with the University.
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