Fuel Cards

About StarCard

As part of an ongoing consolidation of preferred supplier arrangements, the Australian National University has entered into a fleet management arrangement via the Whole of Australian Government though SGFleet.  This arrangement also covers the supply of a fuel card supplier which is provided through Caltex StarCard.

Advantages of the Caltex StarCard solution for ANU are:

  • Petrol prices at a negotiated discounted pump price for 91 ULP including E10, Diesel, LPG. (Premium ULP PULP will only be issued to vehicles that will not run on 91ULP)
  • Single, electronic invoices, minimum of monthly.
  • Caltex has the largest number (and range of locations) of outlets Australia wide.

Caltex StarCards are designed for use by companies that have a large number of fleet vehicles and the University currently has approximately 230 vehicles in its fleet.  Details of the University's vehicle fleet can be obtained by contacting the Fleet Manager, Mr Neil Ross on 6125 2518, or by email, anu.fleet@anu.edu.au

In accordance with the University's agreement, the ANU Starcard does not have to be signed. Please ignore the signature block on the back of the card.

The Caltex StarCards issued to the University contain information such as the fleet manager (SGFleet Australia), the make of the vehicle, the fuel card number and expiry date.


Caltex Starcards gives you access to Australia's largest oil company network, with over 2,500 Caltex service stations. This includes 470 Caltex Woolworths service stations.

A detailed guide of all locations can be found in the StarCard Location website.

With your ANU Caltex fuel card, you are entitled to purchase fuel related to the type of engine of the vehicle, oils and carwash (where applicable).  Information relating to what the card entitles is on the Caltex letter that was provided with your fuel card.

New cars and the Caltex StarCard

All new cars delivered to ANU Fleet Services will have a new StarCard supplied.

Please note the Caltex Starcard is for use on the "nominated vehicle only" and cannot be used to fill any other vehicles.

Collection of cards

ANU Fleet Services will notify you on receipt of replacement StarCards.

Your card will be ready for collection from ANU Fleet Services, located at ANU Fleet Services, Building #53, Garran Road.

Point of sale procedures

At the point of sale you must:

  • Provide the cashier with your fuel card
  • Provide the current, accurate odometer reading at the prompting of the cashier

ANU does not require you to retain the StarCard receipt

(This information is recorded electronically)

Reporting/payment of invoices

The process of fuel purchase and reporting is as follows:

  • ANU vehicle refuels at a Caltex fuel station.
  • The correct odometer is provided when paying for the fuel.
  • The fuel purchase charge is recorded and invoiced out via a SGFleet monthly invoice to ANU as a vehicle expense charge.
  • From this we can provide you with a monthly fuel report on your nominated vehicles.

These reports can help your area look at vehicle management options, including vehicle changeover timelines and better utilisation of your fleet of vehicles.

There are separate exception reports that Fleet Services receives relating to multiple fills in one day, fueling more than the tank capacity of the vehicle and nil odometer readings entered.

This is provided to area management for action where remedial measures need to be taken i.e. using ANU fuel cards to refuel accompanying rental vehicles or external tanks.

Charges relating to the Caltex StarCard

There will be no charges levied against ANU for:

  • Cancellation of a card
  • Replacement of lost/stolen cards
  • Replacement of active cards

Working in remote areas

Staff working in remote locations on field trips etc may not have the option of using the Caltex StarCards.  In these cases consideration will be given to providing an alternate fuel card (BP, SHELL)..

Lost or stolen cards

The 24 hour lost or stolen card hotline number is 1300 365 096.  Your lost or stolen StarCard will be replaced and will be sent to the Fleet Manager, who will contact you when the replacemen card has arrived.

If you are travelling away from Canberra you should:

  • Report any lost or stolen cards via anu.fleet@anu.edu.au or phone (02) 6125 5400 or 6125 2518.  If after hours, please call Caltex directly on 1300 365 096.

What service stations will accept the StarCard

Over 2500 locations nationally will accept the Caltex StarCard, including:

  • Caltex/Ampol service stations Australia wide
  • Woolworths service stations
  • Ampol & Caltex agency locations.

Having a second fuel card

Why does ANU want to use the one brand of fuel card?

  • To maximise discounts through high volume purchasing
  • To have a single database of all cars on Campus
  • Odometer information can prompt reporting for vehicle servicing, disposal and fuel consumption etc.
  • The University can also use the information to assist with the FBT returns (for those vehicles affected)
  • The odometer reading prompt will, over a period of time, become intelligent enough for the operator at the Point of Sale, to query the provision of the information for accuracy based on the usage
  • Minimise card fees
  • Detailed Management Information (e.g. Pricing)
  • Electronic Invoicing

Frequently asked questions

Does my fuel card have to be signed?

No. Please ignore the signature block on the back of the cards.

How do I report a lost or stolen card?

Report to fleet services on 6125 5400 or 6125 2518.

After hours, please call the 24 hour lost or stolen card hotline number on 1300 365 096.  Advise ANU Fleet Services as soon as convenient to arrange a replacement card.

How long does it take to get a new card?

Your fuel card will be received by ANU Fleet Services within 3-4 days.

Do I have to change over existing fuel cards to get a replacement card?


Do I have to keep the receipts issued at the point of sale?

No. It is not necessary to retain any receipts.

What Service Stations can I use my card at?

You can use your card at any Caltex service stations and Caltex Woolworths outlets.

What price does the ANU pay for petrol?

For Unleaded, Diesel and LPG fuels, the ANU will be paying a discounted pump price negotiated through the ANU/SGFleet agreement.

How will my new vehicle get a fuel card?

Fuel cards are delivered with (or shortly after)delivery of new vehicles.

Can I use the Caltex StarCard to get the vehicle washed?

Yes. You may use car wash facilities with your fuel card where carwash is available.

How long will my current fuel card stay valid for?

The fuel cards will be automatically updated and renewed on expiry.

Where do I collect the fuel cards?

Please collect your fuel cards from ANU Fleet Services located at Building #53 on Garran road (same building as the Mailroom and University Printing).