Fleet Vehicle - Leasing, Service and Repairs

For any incidents or service requirements involving ANU Fleet you must notify contracts.office@anu.edu.au; detailing the vehicle registration (e.g. Number-plate, rego) or other identifiers of the asset.

SG Fleet

The University is engaged under the Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Arrangement with SG Fleet for provision of vehicles and fleet management services. All fleet requests are managed by the University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO).


Vehicle 'Logbook' Regular Services

Vehicles cannot be booked in for service before their set contract due date; SGfleet may reject these services; please contact contracts.office@anu.edu.au before making any bookings, to ensure services will be approved. All ANU vehicles are on 6-month or 12-month service schedules.

  1. If your vehicle is due for service, email UPCO (contracts.office@anu.edu.au) with details of the vehicle (Registration Number, Make and Model) noting any faults or issues. Please allow one week notice to book in for servicing or maintenance (any emergency work can be discussed).
  2. UPCO will either book-in for on-campus collection, or confirm due dates for you to locate an approved Service Agent using SGfleet Service Locator (sometimes requires alternative browser to access) for you to coordinate bookings within your business unit.
    1. If booking your own Service Agent, you must advise it is “ANU vehicle managed by SGfleet” so that they process properly onto monthly Invoice and SGfleet reports; DO NOT PAY YOURSELF.  It is recommended to also request “include printed service-report upon completion”, and to detail any faults/issues for the agent prior to booking.
    2. If booked for on-campus services, you must deliver the vehicle to #53 Garran Rd (UPCO) before 9am on the day of service. The key-safe is located on the carpark-side door to Building #53. You will be advised key-safe code by UPCO, do not leave keys or cars at #53 overnight. The vehicle will be ready for pick-up from #53 Garran Road at 5pm same day, unless specified otherwise.
  3. Significant repairs (if discovered by the Service Agent) may require further approvals via UPCO. We will notify you for Delegate approval if so. Please be aware this may mean your vehicle is grounded at the Service Agent until resolved.
Failure to service a vehicle can result in: Voidance of manufacturer warranty; WHS implications, including the potential for the vehicle to become unroadworthy; Reduced sale price

Vehicle Insurance Claims

All ANU fleet vehicles are insured by Vero. Some breakdowns and other incidents may be covered; please check with UPCO if insurance applies before booking any services:

  1. To check if you are eligible or to raise a claim, please report details of the incident to contracts.office@anu.edu.au for assistance. UPCO will help you raise the latest claim form, and assist with any Roadside/Towing to address any immediate safety concerns.
    1. If any repairs need to be done, a Service Agent must first be agreed by the insurance company, and the vehicle must be taken only to an agent approved by the Insurer (Vero). DO NOT BOOK YOUR OWN MECHANIC.
  2. In case of 3rd party damage, an excess of ~$1000 will need to be approved by a 220 or 227 Delegate to cover the damage.
    1. Vero will email a ‘New Claim’ confirmation/advice regarding the next steps for your claim; the vehicle Driver/Custodian are responsible for all steps with Vero thereon.
  3. UPCO will process payment on monthly Invoice from Vero, allocating expense to the vehicle's GLC (or a GLC advised by the Vehicle Custodian in writing if different to default).

Vero policy number: MSL015174825 (AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY)
Vero phone : 1300 888 073

Breakdown Service, Towing & Roadside Assist

SG fleet vehicles are covered by a vehicle breakdown service arrangement. Please have the vehicle registration (i.e. numberplate, rego#) when calling for assistance.

Contact the Driver Assistance Hotline 1800 009 082 [Option 2] for Roadside Assistance; ensure to clarify it is “ANU Vehicle managed by SGfleet” in order to process payment and records correctly.

Battery issues, oil, tyre change, and other minor roadside services can be procured at any time; any further works or towing proposed may require the Vehicle Custodian, Delegate, and/or ANU SGfleet Authorised Officers to approve; please notify UPCO in all cases.

Some incidents will be covered by insurance, where if unsafe to drive, then towing the vehicle to a safe location until the Insurer nominates a repair agent may be required.

If you require ANU assistance immediately in the event of breakdown or other incident, please contact your College Vehicle Custodian, or call 0261256105 or +61261257150 for the ANU SGfleet Authorised Officers at UPCO.

For any incident involving ANU Fleet you must notify contracts.office@anu.edu.au immediately; detailing the vehicle registration (e.g. Number-plate, rego) or other identifiers of the asset.

Tyres, Batteries, Windscreens

The University can obtain discounted pricing for tyres and related services through the SGFleet arrangements. Locate an approved Tyre, Battery, or Windscreen Agent using SGfleet Service Locator (sometimes requires alternative browser to access) for you to coordinate bookings within your business unit; you must advise it is “ANU vehicle managed by SGfleet” to obtain contract pricing, and so that they process properly onto monthly Invoice and SGfleet reports.

Some works may be manageable via Roadside Assist, or covered under ANU Insurance; In any case, please contact contracts.office@anu.edu.au prior to booking to ensure the correct approach.

Registration Renewal and Inspections

All SGfleet vehicles in the ACT will be renewed automatically, or via notices from UPCO. Nearing the end of the vehicle contract term, renewals will be made on request to fit the contract term dates.

If you are sent a registration renewal notice, please go to Access Canberra (https://rego.act.gov.au/regosoawicket/public/reg/RenewRegistrationPage) and enter the Rego# for your vehicle. Using the ‘Registration Renewal Reminder’ form, check if Claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) is to be answered Yes or No; Renewal Period is typically 12 months; MAI Insurer is typically GIO, or the least expensive option. Ensure to send Receipt/Report to contracts.office@anu.edu.au upon completion.

Vehicles outside the ACT will generally need to coordinate their own inspection and renewal requirements; all SGfleet vehicles will be sent notices to do so via UPCO.

To check the currency of your registration, please use the online Rego Check tools here:

Email UPCO immediately if your rego is not valid.

Logbooks, Fuel Card, Toll Tag, etc

To request additional materials for your vehicle such as logbooks, or for service inclusions under your vehicle contract (e.g. Fuel Card types, Toll Tags, Roadside Assist), please contact contracts.office@anu.edu.au with request (and Rego# of your vehicle for us to match records).

Vehicle data

For any vehicle information (e.g. VIN#, GLC, Odometer Readings), or for copy of Vehicle Summary PDF please request via contracts.office@anu.edu.au providing your vehicle details for us to match records.

Request a Quote for New/Replacement Vehicle

Divisions/Colleges requiring vehicle(s) for business or academic purposes can request a quote to lease or buy a vehicle by emailing UPCO via contracts.office@anu.edu.au.
UPCO will facilitate the quote process, and must co-sign the final Quote Acceptance with your 227 Delegate in accordance with the Head Agreement.
Payment may be processed by SGfleet (against the nominated GLC in quote) any time from the date of Quote Acceptance, the operating vehicle contract does not commence until Date of Acquisition (e.g. Delivery Date).

Please be aware that quote prices may vary (between the date of signing quote acceptance, and date of delivery, if circumstances permit the variation under the contract);
Interest Rates on Leases/Management may also vary throughout the lifetime of the vehicle contract, typically at 6-monthly review by SGfleet.

To obtain a quote, please review ANU Policy Motor Vehicle Acquisition, and detail the following for UPCO via written request:

  1. ANU Division > Business Unit


  1. Vehicle Custodian (ANU Staff contact details) 


  1. Charge Code / GLC (for vehicle cost, services and repairs, fuel card etc if included) 


  1. Make > Model + Extras (detail any accessories) 


  1. Lease or Own?


  1. Lease Months Total  (estimated length of lease) 


  1. Lease KM Total (estimated kilometre total) 


  1. Delivery Date / Required By:   


  1. Use Requirements (describe intended uses) 


  1. Private-Use or Pool Vehicle?


  1. Home garaging? (please review ANU Procedure



Please consider that due to COVID-related shipping and product availability issues, delivery dates for new vehicles are currently very long (*5-12 months wait for orders placed December 2021).
UPCO will notify when due for delivery.

Vehicle Disposal/Auction

Please contact UPCO with requests to sell any ANU fleet vehicle via contracts.office@anu.edu.au; please complete the ANU Asset Disposal Form with your 234 Delegate, providing the Vehicle Rego#, GLC for proceeds of sale, and anticipated date for disposal. UPCO will facilitate the disposal process on your behalf (to ensure ANU Asset Management and Insurance Office are updated, and contract terminated with SGfleet).