Vice-Chancellor's Award for Public Policy and Outreach


To encourage and recognise University staff for outstanding contributions to public policy formulation and debate, who volunteer their work-related skills and experience, and/or facilitate valuable connections across Australia and internationally.


Nominations will be assessed on the basis of written evidence that supports claims of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  1. the influence and benefit of public contributions to public policy and debate
  2. the value of voluntary or paid professional activity outside the University
  3. the benefit of voluntary contributions in improving quality of community services.


All staff members, except casual staff, are eligible for nomination for a Staff Award either as an individual or as part of a team. Nominees must be currently serving or have served the University in the year of the award. Current students may be included as part of team nominations as appropriate.

Nomination process

Colleges and Divisions may choose to set up a committee to ensure that staff who warrant consideration of an award are not overlooked.

Sponsors should note that the Staff Awards recognise excellence in achievement and contribution that exceeds the normal expectations of the work undertaken by individuals and teams.

Nominations, on the ANU Awards Nomination form, should be prepared by Sponsors, that is, a supervisor or other person within the University. Sponsors should specifically address the award criteria, provide examples to support their claims, and note that additional references are not permitted, and that additional paperwork will not be considered by the Committee.

Nominations should be in writing and sent to the email address provided on the right hand side of the page by no later than 5pm on the advertised closing date.

Awards process

Up to four awards are usually made each year, although in exceptional circumstances, the Committee may recommend additional awards be made.

Awardees will be contacted by Human Resources Division to provide details of the Awards Ceremony and to invite family and guests. However no formal announcements of awardees can be made prior to the Vice-Chancellor's Award Ceremony.

Recipients of staff awards for both individual and team awards will receive a framed Vice-Chancellor's award commemorative certificate. All award recipients will be published on the Staff Awards webpage.

Further information

For further information please contact Awards, details provided under Contact.


Recipients and their details are listed on the pages below.
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