Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Early Career Academics


To encourage and recognise the outstanding contributions of individual Early Career Academics who are embarking on their research and teaching career. 


Nominations will be assessed on the basis of written evidence that demonstrates outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  • Evidence of specific research achievements with a statement on the impact of the research at ANU, post PhD, from both the nominee and the nominator/s; or
  • Demonstrated publication record, post PhD (including assessment of ERA journal ranking, citation index and impact factors; or
  • Evidence of awards, prizes or positions gained, including grants and patents held; or
  • Demonstrated approaches to teaching and the support of learning that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn; or
  • Evidence of developing of curricula, resources or services that reflect a command of the field; or
  • Demonstrated innovation, leadership or scholarship that has influenced and enhanced learning and teaching and/or the student experience.


  • Nominees with no more than five years' experience teaching in higher education institutions may apply for the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Early Career Academics.
  • The five years can be non-sequential and must be counted on a semester basis, and includes all tutoring, part-time or casual teaching, and teaching within a team. The Awards Committee will consider the career stage of nominees when assessing assessment criteria.
  • Nominees for the Early Career category must have been employed at ANU for at least one year and must also be a member of staff at the ANU during the period of the Award Committee's deliberations and decision.

Nomination process

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards webpage.  Nominations should be submitted as a single PDF document to, by no later than 5pm on the advertised closing date.

Nominations should be prepared by Sponsors, that is, a supervisor or other person within the University. Sponsors should specifically address the award criteria, provide examples to support their claims, and note that additional references are not permitted, and that additional paperwork will not be considered by the Committee.

Colleges and Service Divisions may choose to set up a committee to ensure that staff who warrant consideration of an award are not overlooked.

Sponsors should note that the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards recognise excellence in achievement and contribution that exceeds the normal expectations of the work undertaken by individuals and teams. The selection committee will consider the academic or professional level and consider their access to opportunity when making their evaluation.

Awards process

Award finalists and sponsors will be contacted once the Committee has made a determination but recipients will not be announced until the awards ceremony. The awards will be presented at the celebratory Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards event in the same year and all nominees and sponsors will be invited. All award recipients will be published on the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards webpage.

In the case of team awards, the team will receive one award, presented to the Team Lead (as specified on the nomination form).


2021 - Dr Xiaolin Wang (CECS) and Dr Kinley Wangdi (CHM)

2020 - Professor Si Ming Man (CHM)

2019 - Dr Sofia Samper Carro (CAP) and Dr Zongyou Yin (CoS)

2018 - Dr. Mohsen Rahmani (CoS)

Further information

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