Cash collection service

What is this?

This is a service, where an authorised person will come to the local budget unit office and collect, for delivery to the National Bank Acton Campus, the banking from your budget unit.

Only banking that has been prepared and stored appropriately in an approved Express Deposit Bag will be accepted for collection.

Who does the collection?

The University, via a tender process has chosen SNP (an accredited security services company) to undertake the University Cash Collect Service.

Frequency of collections?

Each budget unit which has an ANU Receipting point (or StarNet, Opera or Student 21 Receipting Point) is required to bank daily. Approval can be provided (email request to for smaller 'cash' deposit areas to bank less frequently but all receipting points are required to bank a minimum of weekly.

How to schedule/vary/request an extra collection

The University's Security Office manage the SNP cash collection service for the ANU. Any requests for new pick-ups/additional pick-ups/variations to pick-ups (on or off the ANU Campus) should be directed to ANU Security (ext 52249 or email )

Cost of service

As at March 2015, the charge is $22.50 for regularly scheduled on campus collections.  For one off requests, on campus (during business hours) the cost is $27.50.

Charges for off campus collections or out of hours are available from

Please note that the 'cost' of the collection is not considered sufficient reason not to follow the University's Cash Collection procedures.

Can I deliver cash by hand

To comply with ANU Cash Handling policy all funds should be directed to the Bank, via the Express Deposit Bag/Cash Collection Service system.

Some exceptions do exist, e.g. large coin deposits from the Library and Parking and for F&BS banking. Should you need to discuss a possible exception to this, please direct your enquiries to in Financial Operations.