ANU Endowment funds

Endowment for Excellence

  • The Endowment for Excellence is the University's main vehicle for receiving, sourcing and managing donations and gifts, including bequests, from University graduates, staff and many friends. Donations can be made to support any of the University's many important activities.
  • The Endowment was established by statute of the University, The Australian National University Endowment for Excellence Statute. Under this Statute, The Australian National University Endowment for Excellence Rules provide more detailed guidance on governance and operations. Importantly for donors, the Statute and Rules of the Endowment, which have the force of law, prohibit the use of a donation for anything other than the original purpose.
  • Where it is no longer possible or practical for the original intent to be honoured, the terms may be varied by application to the Court. In so doing, the University must have regard to the original intent of the donation.
  • A distinguished and independent Board of Governors oversees the Endowment.
  • The first point of contact in relation to the operation of Endowment Funds is:
    Foundation and Alumni Relations
    Tel: 61 2 6125 6475
    Fax: 61 2 6125 5568
    Contacts, Alumni Relations and Philanthropy