Rules and Responsibilities

Yes, there are rules and obligations that must be complied with when using your ANU Purchase Card. The information is primarily contained in the Cardholder agreement that you must sign before you can lodge an application for the ANU Purchase Card.

Cardholder Responsibilities

The Cardholder is responsible for:

  • signing the card on issue;
  • custody of the card and notifying the ANZ Bank and the business officer immediately if the card is misplaced or lost;
  • ensuring the card is used for authorised ANU purchases only;
  • ensuring a  tax invoice is retained for each purchase  (An electronic image of the receipt is a valid copy of a receipt that can be uploaded into Concur Expense Management System);
  • confirming bank transactions through Concur Expense Management;
  • ensuring compliance with the directions for use of the card as identified in the Cardholder Agreement.


Do I keep my receipts/tax invoice?

Cardholders are responsible for obtaining appropriate documentation to support each purchase made on purchase card, where the amount of a purchase is over $75 (excluding GST) or $82.50 (including GST).

If you misplace a tax invoice please request another one from the supplier. A supplier, registered for the GST must provide a tax invoice within 28 days of receipt.

If doing the transaction via telephone or fax, a tax invoice must still be requested and sent with the goods or services.

Will my purchases be reviewed?

You are responsible for acquitting your purchase card expenses monthly including:

  • coding of expense account and charge code
  • entering meaningful description
  • attaching tax compliant invoices for purchases over $75 (excluding GST) or $82.50 (including GST)
  • ensuring expenditure complies with grant conditions
  • ensuring the amount and unit of currency is correct
  • ensuring expenditure is within budget, and
  • ensuring expenditure complies with ANU policies and procedures.

Your Concur Approver will review and approve your transacations.

What do I do if I find an incorrect charge or an unauthorised transacton?

If you find an incorrect or unauthorised transaction charged to your purchase card you must dispute this as soon as possible, strict time limits apply.


Liability and Limits

What is my liability?

You are authorised to use the ANU Purchase Card only for legitimate business purchases. ANU will pay for all purchasing card expenses. Use for personal expenditure is contrary to the GST rules for corporate credit cards and may jeopardise all input tax credit entitlements for unconfirmed transactions, on your card.

Do I have a credit limit?


When you receive your ANU Purchase Card, you are assigned an individual credit limit, based on your individual purchasing needs. If over time you find that limit is too low, speak with your business manager about having your credit limit reviewed. A minimum monthly limit of $5000 is recommended as it is cleared only once a month.

When setting your Monthly Credit Limit - your monthly expenditure limit, please ensure that the limit is realistic and is the sum of the value of the total purchases you make in a month, not the sum of the most expensive good or service you may purchase. A minimum of $5,000 per month is recommended by Finance and Business Services.

Is there a transaction limit?

The transaction limit with any supplier will be your available credit limit (i.e. your Monthly Credit Limit minus current month's purchases). However, your school or departmental administrator may have placed a limit on your transactions expenditure by special instruction issued to you at the time of receipt of your card. Please discuss this matter with your budget unit business office.

What if a purchase transaction is declined?

If a transaction is declined it is probably due to the value of transactions undertaken or committed in the current calendar month, exceeding your card limit. ANU cannot 'clear' your card transactions mid month so please ensure your monthly card limit is realistic.