Incorrect purchase card usage – Repayment Procedure


  • Mistaken personal use on the ANU Purchase Card; or
  • Coincidental private expenses at the same time as official expenditure (i.e. during travel or business trips).  

Procedures for repayment of:

  1. The cardholder must acquit the expense using Expense Type 'Accidental Personal Use of ANU Card'.
  2. The supervisor (card approver) approves the expense within Concur Expense Managment.
  3. The original tax invoice remains the property of ANU where coincidental expenditure has been incurred.
  4. Failure to reimburse the University within 30 days of the expense will result in the University raising a formal accounts receivable debtors invoice and seeking recovery through those procedures.


  • Following the procedures above will allow a clear audit trial between the purchase card transaction and the reimbursement/recovery action.